Goblin Slayer


Goblin Slayer
Title Goblin Slayer Volume 1
Author Kumo Kagyu
Artist Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki (Character Design)
Rating Mature
Publisher Yen Press
Release Date December 19, 2017
Pages 176

Based off of the light novel of the same name, Goblin Slayer Volume 1 is the first part of this violent dark fantasy story. The story first follows Priestess (All the characters are named liked this, ex. Guild Girl or Goblin Slayer), an adventurer who joins a party of rookies for her first quest. They set out to slay goblins which have stolen from a village and kidnapped women. Like in most media, goblins are considered to be one of the lowliest monsters, weak individually but, troublesome in a group. While it seems like a simple beginner’s quest, the Priestess’ first quest falls apart quickly. Just as she’s about to suffer a grim fate, she is saved by a man known as ‘Goblin Slayer’ who lives up to his name and viciously dispatches the creatures.

Goblin Slayer
Who wouldn’t want her in their party?

If there is one thing you can get from very early on is the tone of the series. There is a lot of violence and nudity, both of which are brutal. Depending on how sensitive you are to this kind of gruesome content, it might be too much to handle. While goblins are treated like nuisance by the experienced adventures and an easy target by novices, they are dangerous and are savage. They enjoy killing, raping, and pillaging and are shown to go after women at any chance. The savageness they display makes it easy to understand Goblin Slayer’s mercilessness against them. It goes into some dark territory to say the least.

Goblin Slayer

The art in the manga to put it simply, is really good. There is a bit of a contrast that’s present in the art direction. Characters such as Priestess are drawn in well a cute and soft manner. On the other other side of it are the goblins. Their looks are just as grotesque as some of the acts they commit. Goblin Slayer does not shy away from gore and nudity. Goblin Slayer for the most part is almost always seen clad in his armor. While you can’t really see his expressions, the art will reflect some of his darker and more vicious views regarding goblins. The reactions of characters to the events unfolding (usually Priestess), do a good job of showing their horror to what’s happening.

Goblin Slayer
You won’t feel too bad about what happens to the goblins.

The plot starts off with some basic stuff, with adventure guilds and quests. There’s a flashback to Goblin Slayer’s past and well, after seeing what happens with Priestess’ party you can probably take a good guess on why he hates goblins (There is also prequel series out too). The first volume ends hinting at some bigger events in the works but, for the most part there’s a focus on the Priestess getting acquainted with Goblin Slayer and his hunts. This focal point highlights the way he thinks, which well is almost completely on just killing goblins. While this may sound it can become tiresome, the strategies he comes up with are interesting. Specifically, the way he uses one of Priestess’ skills later on in the volume.

Goblin Slayer
Never had a chance.

Goblin Slayer is dark, violent, and doesn’t pull it’s punches. If some of the more brutal aspects don’t bother you or instead grab your attention, then this is a series you should consider checking out. While the titular character is only focused on one thing, there is a bit of depth here. Even if there’s no apparent larger plot going on in this volume, the action scenes and their savagery will definitely keep you interested for the next volume.

Goblin Slayer
Would you want to be on the bad side of a guy like this?

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Reviewer’s own personal copy was used for the review. Other volumes of the manga and the light novel are currently available. An anime adaption of the series is currently in the works. 

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