Smashing Saturdays

First, I just wanted to address something minor in today’s Smashing Saturdays. Yes, I’m aware that technically I cover Sunday through Friday. But it’s easier just to think of this as one contiguous week for the purpose of this article. That aside, there’s a lot to enjoy this week! Sakurai and company covered a bunch of characters in sweet little videos, there’s new Assist Trophies that people are already demanding be playable characters, and this week also sees the return of my speculative segment, Most Wanted Brawler. It’s where I discuss a character I think could and should be in Smash Bros. Ultimate, no matter how unlikely. Hell, I guessed Ridley years ago, so maybe lightning will strike twice. That’s enough banter. Let’s get Smashing!

Who loves Sonic? Well I don’t, but that’s cause I’ve never been good with the blue blur, even in his own games. But he is indisputably iconic, so I’m glad he’s returned. His Final Smash also looks more terrifying than ever, which should quiet those complaining it’s too hard for him to KO opponents. Oh, and if a blue hedgehog isn’t enough for you, then you’ll love this new Assist Trophy…

Smashing Saturdays | Knuckles
Ouch. Poor Kirby…

Yes, the bad ass Echidna is also coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate, and he looks to pack quite the punch. Apparently he likes to dig into the ground and surprise foes with a nasty uppercut, so what Sonic lacks in KO power, Knuckles seems to have. But that’s not enough animal based characters, is it? Take a gander at our next feathered friend.

Yes, everybody’s favorite bird brain is back. While I have nothing against Falco as a character, I’m a little tired of all the Star Fox clones. The only one that really interests my currently is Wolf, but even then I want something stranger. Something with green skin and a long tongue. I want Slippy, dammit! But we can return to that topic another week.

Smashing Saturdays | Slippy
Perhaps one day, my spastic frog prince…

On the musical front, there’s a new song highlighted this week from Kirby’s Air Ride, called City Trial. Despite being from a Kirby game, this is a pretty dramatic song that would have fit in perfectly in some epic JRPG. You can listen to it here.

Smashing Saturdays | Kongo Falls

There are some Donkey Kong stages that are an absolute chore, but Kongo Falls isn’t one of them. It’s nowhere near as brutal as ones like Jungle Japes. This is probably as close as a DK stage gets to being Battlefield, and it looks quite beautiful running on the Switch.

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t think we needed Young Link back. I mean, we already have Toon Link, right? But having said that, there’s still something charming about playing the rambunctious youngster. Hard to believe it’s been 17 years since we last got to play him in Melee. Here’s hoping he’s worth the wait.

Smashing Saturdays | Krystal
Speaking of worth the wait…

Ok, quick confession time. I never played Star Fox Adventures. I was tempted more than once to pick it up, but the mixed reviews finally turned me off. So I never quite got caught up with the long lasting Krystal obsession. If you thought people wanted Knuckles playable, you should see some of the things I’ve found online for Krystal. That said, she is only an Assist Trophy, but a cool sounding one nevertheless. She smacks brawlers with her staff and freezes them in their tracks. Maybe she’ll be playable if we get another Smash after this…?

I’m more excited about the return of Pokémon Trainer than I anticipated. I only fooled around with the character before, and mostly to enjoy playing as Squirtle. But now that there’s no penalty for sticking with one Pokémon, I’m sold. Plus now we get to play as either a male or female trainer, so fans really have nothing to complain about.

Next up is the return of my silly little side series, Most Wanted Brawler!

Most Wanted Brawler

I bet some of you thought I’d start this off with my favorite genie girl, but you’d be mistaken! While I absolutely adore Shantae, I feel Shovel Knight is even more well suited to Smash Bros. Ultimate. For one thing, he can already deflect projectiles with his handy shovel. For another, he occupies a distinct niche being the only character ever armed with not a sword, but a mighty shovel. Also cool? If he were to work like in his game, he would be capable of bouncing off the noggins of foes with the sharp end of his weapon. Plus, if Shovel Knight were to make it to Smash Bros. Ultimate, not only would he be the first Kickstarter representative, but I bet some of his foes in the Order of No Quarter would make it in as Assist Trophies! I can just imagine avoiding the scythe of Specter Knight or being pummeled by explosives tossed by Plague Knight. It would be delicious fun, especially as a fan of this amazing retro inspired game.

So that’s it for this week’s Smashing Saturdays. Thanks as always for joining us. Be sure to tune in next Saturday for the latest roundup of Smash Bros. info, and chime in below if you would play as Shovel Knight in Smash Bros. Ultimate!

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