Sekai Project had several things to announce during their panel at AX 2018. These included all ages versions of some of the titles announced at the Denpasoft panel, a mobile game that has been transformed to a full visual novel and of course nekos. Let’s jump into this and see what goodies they had in store.

First up we have 9 -nine- Episode 1 this one is coming from Palette, the developers of Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms. The game will be released episodically with the first one focusing on Miyako Kujo.

Shiromitsugawa City. An academic city with no particularly special characteristics. There had been projects to revitalize the city by drawing in tourists, none of which succeeded. Yet, unexpectedly this city has drawn the attention of the world.

In the city lives a young man by the name of Kakeru Niimi. Though he is prone to being blunt, he is a reliable individual who lives life with a strong sense of responsibility. For what it’s worth, he has a kind personality and treats those around him with great importance. Though it seems like he lives a peaceful life as an ordinary student, with the destruction of a sacred relic of the Shrine of the White Serpent’s Relic, his life has changed.

In the midst of all this appear youths with supernatural powers. It was just a town with no particularly special characteristics and a very unassumingly normal student. Kakeru Niimi finds himself wrapped up in this mysterious fate caused by the appearance of these supernatural individuals…

Next up we have Last Stanza from InnocenceInnocence. This one is a slice of life novel that deals with the results of tragic events from a variety of perspectives.

It was a day in the last week of December 2009, when I found out that slowly dripping tears had a shivering yet uneasy feeling. The winter turned the air thin and cold, the clouds blocked the sunlight that normally reaches the ground making it feel like the sun was absent.

Days after, I was back on my daily routine, as if nothing had happened, trying to conceal my anger and confusion, slowly regaining control of my thoughts, opening my heart to friends old and new, trying at any cost to find a new place for myself.

But it’s in the peaceful moments when the storms settle and the turbulent oceans lose their motions, that any rock can set a chain reaction creating an infinitude of waves, bringing back to the shores of my thoughts the emotions that I had kept away for so long.
Last Stanza is a slice of life/drama visual novel that deals with the consequences of a tragic event following different perspectives.

Next up it was confirmed Re;Lord 2 ~The witch of Cologne and black cat~ will have an all ages release.

In the second title in the strip RPG battle trilogy, Re;Lord by Escu;de, our hero Wilfred and his companions are back once again. After retaking Herfort, he sets his sights on doing battle with the witch, Iris, in order to liberate all of Groessen.

Cologne, a land filled with grassy plains and home to the country’s fishing industry and the popular tourist spot, Bebra Lake, is under the control of the witch Iris who has turned the denizens of this peaceful land into crow familiars, spirits and devilish fiends.

While he questions why the witch Iris has taken this territory, for the sake of retaking this land he goes into battle once more.

Next up we have Idol Connect -AsteriskLive- this one is based off a mobile rhythm, but has now been transformed into a visual novel for PC. This one comes from developer CreativeFrontier

Sometime, somewhere in the future.

In a tiny little idol production office that you run, nine girls — idols — are gathered. With no dreams, and no goals. But the moment they stand on stage, something in them changes.

This is a story of how ordinary girls eventually bring their voices to the world. A story of how ordinary girls eventually connect as idols.
“…Just what is an idol?”

At the Asterisk Live, an idol festival that happens once a year… You alone, as their producer, can guide them to the answer that awaits them there.

Next up if was confirmed that Sumikko Software’s Harumade Kururu would be seeing an all ages release as well.

A Certain Situation

Of course, even if I put it that way there’s no way I can explain the situation I’m in…

In any case, I find myself with 4 other girls on a long spring break far away from civilization. To emphasize how middle of nowhere this is, there isn’t even a convenience store here. I don’t have a cell phone and despite having some rather good laptop computers, I have no way to connect to the internet. All that’s here is a large dormitory the likes you’d see at a hot springs resort and a school that looks like it’s on the verge of closing down. There’s a farm that’s closed and fields with ripening winter vegetables. In the distance you can see snow capped mountains and the beautiful, clear waters of the sea.

…and out in the distance stood a tower of unimaginable height who’s purpose was anyone’s guess which stretched into the depths of the sky.

This wasn’t a fantasy, or something out of sci-fi or even a mystery. With all that going on, the only intent was to spend some peaceful days with these four girls but that was totally not what was about to happen. One girl. In a quiet summer that’s quite prone to crazy happenings. And these words that come out of her mouth.

“We’ll make this place a harem for him!”

Wait, when you say harem, uhm… well… Huh????
I wondered what she meant by that as she took off her clothes and the events of that summer unfolded…

Harumade Kururu is the 5th title by developer Sumikko Software and brought to life by an impressive veteran staff.

We have one more visual novel that was revealed at the Denpasoft panel getting an all ages release. It’s qoobrand’s Witch’s Love Diary.

In a barbershop of the shopping district, lived a girl named Alive Nanjo.

In the spring, which marked her 2nd year at the academy, there was nothing particular about it as the same train she’d always take shook as it moved across town and she spent time as usual with her friends.

Then one day.

While Alice and her friends were investigating a clock tower in a forest on the outskirts of the academy, she picked up a mysterious diary that fell from the tower. Taking it home, she gently opened up the diary and there she found the contents of a young man’s daily life.

Witch’s Love Diary is the first title by qoobrand. With the diary in hand and this little town as the stage, a girl’s first love… and a story of unrequited love begins.

Now its time for some news on our favorite nekos with two pieces of Nekopara news. First up news on a prequel game, NEKOPARA Extra ~The Kittens’ First Promise. this game that was one of the stretch goals of the highly successful NEKOPARA OVA Kickstarter campaign back in 2017. This title is much like NEKOPARA Vol. 0, NEKOPARA Extra show what life was like in Minaduki household when Chocola and Vanilla first arrive.

A prequel to the very popular NEKOPARA series, NEKOPARA Extra takes us inside the Minaduki household when Chocola and Vanilla first arrive.

After being taken in by Kashou and his little sister, Shigure, the young kittens, Chocola and Vanilla find it difficult to fit in. Despite the warm welcome the other Minaduki catgirls give to them, they act with trepidation as they adjust to the pace of the family.

As they slowly interact with their fellow sister catgirls, Chocola and Vanilla begin to open up more and it’s here we see Kashou’s kindness towards them that builds up their feelings towards him.

Last but not least we have some information on the Nekopara Manga.

Artist: Tam-U
Original Story by: NEKO WORKs

Just announced recently at Winter Comiket and tells the story of Kashou Minazuki, the son of a long line of Japanese Confectionary Makers, as he moves out to establish his own shop, “La Soleil” and strives to become a successful patisserie. He is not left alone for long however as two of his family’s cute catgirls stow away to join him.

Based on the Sayori’s world famous doujin characters, this comic adaptation of the renowned visual novel will be sure to make you fall in love with the catgirls of the Minazuki household all over again. Original Story is by NEKO WORKs, The adaptation is by Tam-U.

The North American release of Chapter 1 will should be available on Kobo, Amazon and other distributors in August. Comixology to follow soon after.


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