Japanime Games have announced that the tactical harem anime board game Love Battle! High School will be available in Fall of 2018. This is a competitive board game for 2-4 players where the aim is to bring 5 girls together with their high school crush, Hiroshi. The game takes 30-60 minutes and is recommended ages 13 and up.

More about this title in the press release below.


Are you ready, class? In Fall 2018 Japanime Games is bringing you the humorous yet tactical harem anime board game Love Battle! High School. From designer Brett Finnell of LPR Games and artist Adam Swanson, Love Battle! High School is a perfect homegrown addition to Japanime Games’ impressive title line up.

Love Battle! High School is competitive board game for 2-4 players in which players aim to bring 5 girls together with their High School crush, Hiroshi. Gameplay takes roughly 30-60 minutes to play and is recommended for ages 13+.

Players get to control the bumbling Hiroshi, in addition, to the five lovely ladies (Rin, Katsumi, Yuki, Sakiko, and Aika) who are competing for his attention. Vote for your favorite One True Match or Love Triangle, and then spend seven class periods of frantic action gathering Ki Points and playing Match Maker.

President of Japanime Games Eric Price stated, “The Japanime Games Team is excited to be working with Brett to have Love Battle! High School joining our library. Brett has done a fantastic job in capturing the tropes and themes of the Harem Anime Genre into a tabletop experience that we know our fans will love.”

Japanime Games will be kicking off the presale of Love Battle! High School by hosting demos of the game with Brett at their booth at various conventions in 2018, including GenCon. Love Battle! High School will be available through retail, distribution and on the Japanime Games Website.


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About LPR Games: LPR Games is a design team of one assisted by a number of collaborators in testing, development, and art. They seek out niches of fandom that can birth thematic and immersive gameplay while embracing the uniqueness of the subject matter.

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