The 20-years old Mario Party is crossing over to Nintendo Switch this fall with Super Mario Party, ditching the console version’s dependency on numbered titles. Thanks to the marriage of Nintendo Switch and multiplayer, the series is leveraging some new tricks.

In addition to the expected single Joy-Con multiplayer for up to four people, you can utilized multiple Switches in tabletop mode for some nifty new ideas. With multiple Switches, players can play in teams and combine the units to display an oversized image, such as a field of Warp Pipes seen in the trailer, ripe for a game of tank combat.

80 mini-games were promised for Super Mario Party, both new takes on old ideas and all-new concepts. Based on the small footage of the board game mode, it seems the vehicle mechanic that put all players together every turn is out in favor of mammoth Mario Party mayhem.

Super Mario Party is due to launch October 5th, 2018. No price can be put on having extra Joy-Cons or a second Nintendo Switch, however.


Alex Irish
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