At this year’s EA Play, EA and Redwood Studios have announced a new entry in the Command & Conquer series titled Command & Conquer: Rivals for iOS and Android.

Once we had our goal, we knew we had the right franchise to deliver that vision with Command & Conquer. After all, Command & Conquer games defined real-time strategy for so many players. But if we were going to build something for mobile, we knew we had to reimagine gameplay. We had to take advantage of mobile’s touch interface, screen size, and on-the-go sessions. So, we deconstructed and reassembled the essence of an RTS battle: building an army, unit control, and adapting to the enemy.

Rivals gives players continuous unit control of all their units at all times. We think this adds a new and fresh dimension to gameplay. Many in the industry believe it isn’t something our players can handle – but we disagree. Players are sophisticated and hungry for this level of control and the strategy it affords.

Rivals delivers an RTS experience focused on competition, skill, and strategy. That means you test your commander skills against opponents in heated, live 1v1 matches that unfold in minutes. Every victory will be earned by your commander skills. We want every match to be fun, fair, and competitive. That’s when the game is at its best.

Additionally, the Pre-Alpha verison of the game has gone live today for Android users in the US and Canada. Users in those countries can go onto the App Store and and download it so they can beta-test the game and provide feedback. All countries worldwide can pre-register both on the stores and on the game’s website so they can purchase the game when the final product goes live.


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