Hakoniwa Explorer Plus is available on Playism, and Steam. This title is an enhanced version of the original that was released for free in Japanese. There is approximately 230% more content than the original, and has new maps, dungeons and enemies.

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Hakoniwa Explorer Plus sets you off on a journey like no other. Approach a villager from the front and make contact with them to start a conversation and acquire info on dungeons. Search the world map using the info you’ve acquired to discover dungeons and gradually increase the size of the searchable area.
Cool things may happen if you can defeat the various area bosses and stack up your achievements…

Progress through the game, gathering achievements and challenging some of the toughest and craziest cute girl monsters.

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus is a significantly enhanced version of the original released for free in Japanese, containing approximately 230% more content than the original. Various adjustments and additions have been made to level up the game for its international release, including new maps, dungeons and enemies.
A great big load of new villager dialogue has also been added! Added dialogue for every single character for when you jump on their heads, attack them, touch their butts, etc.


  • Choose your character’s gender! Various statuses will change between male and female characters.
  • Items change in accordance with some status ailments. For example, the “Burn” status ailment cooks raw meat, etc.
  • Difficulty settings for all types of players.
  • A large map to explorer and conquer, with cute girl monsters waiting for you at every turn.
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