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The anime adaption of the light novel [New Life+] Young Again in Another World has been canceled. The announcement came not to long after three of the anime’s voice actors resigned from the project. The reasoning for production ending was due to remarks made by MINE, the creator of the series. MINE has become involved in a controversy due to alleged discriminatory remarks made toward China and South Korea, this is in addition to content in the novels that are also allegedly discriminatory.

MINE has gone on to say he wants to offer a “heartfelt apology” and will delete his Twitter in time. It’s also reported that the publisher Hobby Japan will cancel shipments of the light novel. The publisher has not revealed any of its future plans for the series.

The anime was originally going to premiere this October. The light novel is being published in English by J-Novel Club.

Update: J-Novel Club has made an announcement that stated that they will suspend sales and publication of the series in English on July 1.


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