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IndieGala’s Monday Motivation Bundle hits its golden luniversary. What does that mean for you? You can get up to 12 new-to-bundle Steam titles for only $2.99 during the bundles first 24 hours. That is a 94% savings for those wondering.

There is also another tier that gets you 3 games for a dollar.

Monday Motivation Bundle  | Indiegala

$2.99 tier.

Monday Motivation Bundle | Indiegala


IndieGala’s Monday Motivation Bundle hits its golden “luniversary”

June 4, 2018

Rome, Italy – 12 indie game developers and publishers joined IndieGala to celebrate its Monday Motivation Bundle’s 50th “Luniversary”. Indie game lovers can now pick up 12 new-to-bundle Steam titles for only $2.99 during the bundle’s first 24 hours. The bundle also has a first tier with 3 games (out of the entire 12) for just $1. The Monday Motivation Bundle #50 will sit on the shelves for approximately 3 weeks.

If the world of Limbo was a thrill for you, you’ll find lots to enjoy in Dreamlike Worlds. If shmups are your thing, Grimrush and 2V Hoverbike will be great additions to your library. And aficionados of western fiction will be able to duel through Find your way in epic 3rd-person shooter style. The Monday Motivation Bundle’s golden luniversary packs an indielicious dose of experiences for game collectors.

Also live on IndieGala is a new Crackerjack Deal for Bandai Namco’s Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Fans of the series and the anime action-RPG genre can grab the game for a new historical lowest price of $29.99. This deal will only be available till Thursday, 2:00pm CET.

Besides from the Monday Motivation Bundle #50, there are 6 other live bundles including a VR-only bundle (11 Steam VR games) and the Anime Rhapsody Bundle (12 Steam games/graphic novels).

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