NIS America have announced Yasuyuki Oda & Souhei Niikawa to attend Japan Expo 2018. The Expo takes place in Paris, France from 5-7 of July.

Japan Expo - YASUYUKI ODA - NIS America
Producer, Game Division Studio 1

Yasuyuki Oda is the Producer on THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV and SNK HEROINES. He originally joined SNK in 1993, and contributed as a director, game designer, and artist to numerous NEOGEO masterpieces such as entries in the FATAL FURY and ART OF FIGHTING game series. He made his return to SNK in 2014 in order to take over the game development division and lead the charge for developing both KOF XIV and SNK HEROINES.

Japan Expo - SOHEI NIIKAWA - NIS America

Producer of Disgaea Series
Nippon Ichi Software

Sohei Niikawa is the president of Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. as well as the producer and writer of the Disgaea series and other works. He entered Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. in 1996. First assigned to the Sales and Marketing division, Niikawa’s first role as scenario writer and producer was in 1998’s Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. From there, his main role became


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