Entergram have announced that they are porting the bishoujo visual novel Tayutama 2: You’re the Only One to both PS4 and PS Vita in Japan. The console version of the Lump of Sugar-developed visual novel will release in Japan on 27th September in both standard and limited editions. The standard edition will release for 6,980 yen while the limited edition will sell for 8,980 yen.

This title is currently available in Japan on PC as an 18+ title as well as in Chinese on Steam via publisher Hikari Field. Additionally Hikari Field will be releasing an English version for PC via Steam. Here is the description, via the Steam store page:

In a mountain town far away from Ashihara-cho, a BRAND NEW story about the coexistence between “Humans” and “Tayutais” is about to start.

“To be with you,” that single vow is my everything.

This the sequel to Tayutama, which is Lump of Sugar’s signature work. Lump of Sugar is a leading developer of cute visual novels.

As this celebrates Lump of Sugar’s 10th anniversary, it brings together a large number of fans, who will look forward to enjoying it.

The story takes place 50 years after the prequel, and several NEW pretty girls are here. The prequel’s most popular character Mashiro Mito continues to enjoy life in this story, along with other youthful girls.

New players can really absorb the atmosphere of this new game. In addition, longtime fans of the Tayutama series will also have a lot of fun.

This is a bishoujo game, and this kind of game is amazing. Playing this game is like reading a book, except it has beautiful illustrations, and characters you can see face to face. The wonderfully professional character voices and melodic background music will make you personally “be there.” Players progress through the story by interacting with many different beautiful girls. They need to make the right decisions, so that they can reach the perfect ending.


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