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As an old school gamer, I’m a sucker for physical editions. I grew up with boxes and instruction booklets, so that’s what I naturally prefer. Digital is fine, but it lacks that long term collection appeal. So I was very excited when offered the opportunity to get the physical edition for the latest game from Choice Provisions, Runner3. Nicalis stepped up and provided the publishing opportunity, and I’m happy they did. I loved reviewing Runner3, but there’s something extra special about this physical edition.

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The Runner3 launch edition comes in an intensely colorful box, along with a host of goodies. Like any true retro game, it has a delightful instruction booklet, complete with zany imagery and instructions on how to play. It even tells you some tips such as how to dance through stages, a facet I don’t recall being explained when I reviewed the game. The booklet also does a good job of glossing over all the relevant characters, be they crazed bosses or playable characters (it even hints at some very famous ones you’ll have to unlock).

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Besides that, this edition of the game also comes packed with a musical sampler CD. It’s super tiny but extra colorful to make up for that.

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And last but not least, it comes packaged with a truly cool collectible, a Commander Video PVC strap that actually lights up!

Runner3 | Commander PVC

All in all, I can say physical is definitely the way to go with Runner3. Even if you can’t find the snazzy launch edition, it’s well worth getting the game physical. I’m happy Nicalis were inspired to help bring the latest game by Choice Provisions to players in such a compelling package. If you love retro or just want a sweet new game in your collection, check Runner3 out.

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