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Mega Man 11 Plus Tie-In Amiibo Launching October 2nd

The Blue Bomber’s long-awaited return in Mega Man 11 will officially launch October 2nd across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Capcom’s confirmation comes not long after the Singapore PlayStation Network leaked the release date before removing it, proving the date was spot on.

Nintendo Switch owners get a special addition to their copy of the game, as a brand-new Mega Man amiibo was announced to tie-in with the platform. What its functionality is remains unknown, but in the US, the figure will be a GameStop-exclusive bundled with the platform’s Amiibo Edition retailing for $59.99 USD.

The first brand-new Mega Man platformer in eight years, following Mega Man 10, focuses on cel-shaded polygonal graphics as opposed to 8-bit sprite art. Adding to the forward-looking sequel are its new mechanics, namely the Double Gear system. This new system lets Mega Man power up his abilities, including the freshly announced Speed and Power Gears, which slow time down and allows for extra Mega Buster charge respectively. The Double Gear ability itself upgrades Mega Man’s full power and maneuverability by way of the Overdrive Mode. Powers will have to be switched routinely should Mega Man get overloaded and be unable to use any gears at all (via a red bar over his head).

Mega Man 11 is not the only way Capcom’s signature franchise is keeping busy. Switch owners recently got to partake in Mega Man Legacy Collections 1 + 2, while an upcoming collection focused on the Mega Man X series will release later this July, playable at E3 this coming June at Capcom’s booth. These upcoming and current game releases, on top of the usual merchandising opportunities, are keeping Mega Man alive following the departure of his co-creator Keji Inafune back in 2011.

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