Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Open World

As of May 24th a new update went live for Nintendo Switch RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This version, v1.4.1, primarily adds content available with the Expansion Pass, but also addresses a few game bugs for all users. Included below is Nintendo’s patch notes:

Version 1.4.1 

  •  Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue causing the game to lock up when certain Specials (Lv4) were used.
    • Fixed an issue causing Affinity Rewards that had already been received to be received again when reforging bonds with rare blades.
    • Fixed an issue causing blades not to use their standby motions when blade switching in the field.
  • Changes and New Features
    • Added functionality to receive the third round of quests distributed via the Expansion Pass.

Owners of the game can download the patch now, however if you’re Switch is connected to the internet it’s very likely the patch has already been downloaded.


Aaron Evangelisti
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