corrupted save

Disclaimer: The opinions of the corrupted save podcast is that of the author, and not that of Operation Rainfall as a whole.

Today on the corrupted save podcast.

For news:

  • Monster Hunter whichever this one is on Switch
  • EA doubling down (again) on lootboxes surprising no one with basic pattern recognition skills
  • Cliffy B died or something
  • STALKER 2 probably coming out before Bannerlord
  • Valve Mafia threatening innocent hardworking H-game devs
  • Raging about RAGE 2
  • Kingdom Hearts stuff
  • Paperclip: the cheapest modchip ever

There is also:

  • Aby talks about some fetish anime
  • Woman or Ladies folders
  • a NEW new game, Lost in translation
  • Waifu of the week
  • Shout-outs and Shout-ats
  • What have you been playing? Here is AniMitchs’ experience with Life Line
  • and finally our question of the day – Gaming Guilty Pleasures


The opening and closing tracks are “Summer Love” and “Burning Sunset” from the LISA OST

That about does it for this episode take care and see you next time!

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