Today, XSEED Games have announced four more titles to North America in 2018 covering multiple platforms and genres. Additionally, Marvelous Europe will be releasing two of these titles at retail in European regions. Let’s go through the announcements.

First up is Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient for Windows PC. The Grindhouse-developed visual novel is the sequel to the popular cult hit Corpse Party and is the team’s return to PC.

Here is a description, via XSEED:

Brand New Setting, Same Creepy Atmosphere
This time it’s not an otherworldly elementary school, but a quarantined hospital full of bloodthirsty zombies, supernatural monsters, and scornful shades.

Unique Cast with Some Familiar Names
Features an all new set of dramatis personae, yet still rewards series fans by tying back into the Heavenly Host arc with a few familiar names.

More Interactive Environment than Ever Before
Items can be equipped and used directly on the environment to solve puzzles, or held and used in protagonist Ayame’s hands for a variety of purposes. Ayame can also hide in cabinets to evade foes.

Original Indie Team’s Return to PC
The same team responsible for the 2008 Windows PC edition of Corpse Party is back! Features top-down 3D graphics with dynamic lighting, 360° control, emotional Japanese voice-acting, and one of series composer Mao Hamamoto’s moodiest soundtracks to date.

Next up is Gal Metal for Nintendo Switch. This DMM Games-developed console released in February 2018 and has former Konami staffer Tak Fujii involved. This title will be releasing in North America this autumn. Furthermore, Marvelous Europe will also be releasing this title physically and digitally within European regions.

Here is a description, via Marvelous Europe.

Key Features:

  • Jam Any Way You’d Like: A new spin on traditional music gameplay, Gal Metal lets the player create their own drumlines based on over a dozen beats. Practice the beats after school and rack up unique combos to blow the invading aliens away in live performances!
  • Unique Storytelling: Divided into episodes ending in climactic concerts, the lighthearted story unfolds in text messages and animated manga panels that are read right-to-left for an authentically Japanese experience.
  • Be an After-School Specialist: Between performances to take out the pesky aliens, there’s ordinary school life as well. Improve skills and friendships by doing part-time jobs, hanging out with friends, and jamming in the club room.
  • Show Your True Mettle/Metal: Simple-to-learn gameplay allows players who master the beats to create complex performances. How much metal power can you score?]

Next up is Gungrave VR, the first PS VR title from both publishers. Developed by Iggymob, this PS VR remake of the original Gungrave will also be releasing this autumn in both North America and Europe. Like Gal Metal, Europeans will also be getting physical copies from Marvelous Europe.

Here is a description, via Marvelous Europe.

  • Multiple Perspectives to Master: Fight through intense levels that are set to either free-moving third-person mode or first-person mode (both stationary and mobile). Each perspective offers new challenges.
  • A Legendary Pedigree: Gungrave VR showcases the return of character designer Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun), with the original Gungrave designers at Red Entertainment as advisers. Grave and Mika’s designs have been given a thorough upgrade after 14 long years!
    Broad Language Support: Fully-voiced in English and Japanese with text support for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Kick Their Ass!: Play on any of three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Kick-Ass. Are you hardcore enough to take down the Orgmen in Kick-Ass mode?

Finally, there is another PC port on the horizon. It is a port of Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity for Steam. This title originally released digitally on the PS4.

Here is a description, via XSEED Games:

  • Acclaimed Indie Title Flies to PC, Better than Ever
    The indie-made title that gained a following for its high-speed action and impressive art direction returns to PC with 4k compatibility and a new “Bullet Hell” mode to challenge veterans and newbies alike.
  • Two Characters for Twice the Adventure
    Choose to play as the titular vampire, Remilia Scarlet, or her devoted maid, Sakuya Izayoi. Each offers a different way to play with unique mechanics.
  • Familiar Friends and Fearsome Foes
    Fans of the Touhou series will find themselves right at home, as the game is packed with fan-favorite characters and intense boss battles that fill the screen with projectiles in a manner worthy of the renowned Touhou ‘king of bullet hell’ pedigree.
  • Action and RPG in Equal Measure
    Contains all the combat, platforming, and boss fights of an action game, alongside experience and equipment systems that allow players to level up and unlock special skills and magic to customize their experience.

All four of these titles will release in North America and Europe in 2018.

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