While PlayStation 4 has continued to sell by the truckload, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera has stated that the console is reaching the final phase of its natural life. This bold statement comes from a recent Sony Investor Relations Day on behalf of investors, and its timing comes two weeks prior to E3 2018.

While Kodera says the system is entering its final years and would have a negative impact on sales, revenue from services like PlayStation Plus and the PlayStation Store should cushion the fall somewhat. More exclusive software, including refreshed and existing IP, are planned as Sony continues to beef up their first party output.

For a general idea of how long the PlayStation 4 realistically has left before a PlayStation 5, Kodera said the company’s medium-term management plan period will run until March 2021, in turn a gap that will be used to strengthen the PlayStation business.

Since its breakout launch in North America and Europe in November 2013, PlayStation 4 has sold 79 million units worldwide. The system has held its own in Japan following a February launch the following year, though it’s not as popular there as in the west. The PS4 shows no signs of slowing down, as its recent acclaimed exclusive God of War became the system’s fastest-selling exclusive ever, moving 3.1 million units in its first three days.

Despite the ominous specter of PlayStation 5 coming from this investor’s meeting, Sony has made it clear there will be no new hardware shown at E3 2018.

Alex Irish
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