MangaGamer’s panel at Anime Central 2018 had a some great announcements. There was some new titles, a release date revealed and someone special will be at AX this year.

The first announcement was that Higurashi: When They Cry – Ch 6 Tsumihoroboshi now has a release date. The game will release on June 14th.

In this chapter, Tsumihoroboshi, it’s Rena’s turn to go mad. As the chapter delves into Rena’s perspective, we learn about Rena’s past and what trouble she faced with her family. What really brought back to Hinamizawa? How did she manage to survive the curse before? Will she be able to survive it again? Perhaps most importantly of all… why is Keiichi responding differently than he usually would?

MangaGamer also announced their special guest for Anime Expo 2018 would be Illustrator, MIN-NARAKEN. A veteran character designer and illustrator for Alicesoft. He has worked on such flagship titles as Rance and the Toushin Toshi series, He will have a panel as well as an autograph session.

There were two new titles announced at this event. Eyephon’s Sisterly Bliss and Waffle’s Funbag Fantasy 2. 

Sisterly Bliss

They say love can transcend all boundaries, but is that really true? The twins Ichika and Futaba have always been inseparable, even as they developed their own interests and hobbies. Their love is strong and they’re always supporting each other, but can it hold up to accusations of codependency? Are the twins truly codependent as their Mother fears, or could the truth be something sweeter, something forbidden? Can the twins weather the storm and keep their flame alight, or will everything change for good? Find out in eyephon’s Sisterly Bliss!

Funbag Fantasy 2

The Funbag Fantasy series returns with its epic story, huge bosoms, and titillating action in Funbag Fantasy 2! The time is 150 years before the events that reshaped Eurodia, an earlier age when daemons and humans still lived together. In the Island Kingdom of Hillsland, our new hero, Ruin Dimidium, has graduated from the Royal Abbey and been relegated to Boobshire, where he must deal with bandits or lose his station. What fate awaits Ruin on his journey full of succubi, bosom elves and knights, mermaids, and even royalty?! 




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