Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler

The final two protagonists for Octopath Traveler have been revealed in a May Update trailer for the game. Cyrus the scholar is on a journey to find a lost tome and has the ability “Scrutinize.” This allows him to gain insight from the people he talks to, which he can use to solve quests. Ophelia the cleric sets off to restore light to the realm at the behest of the Sacred Flame. She has the ability “Guide” people, which allows her to reunite people or lead them to where they need to be.

The trailer also reveals that each character has a unique talent. Talents can be used in battle to help turn the tide, such as Ophelia’s ability to let her followers join the fight. They can have passive effects as well, such as Tressa’s ability to find money while walking around. Last but not least, each character’s story can be played simultaneously, meaning you can choose to play each story one by one or at the same time. Check out all the latest updates in the video down below.

Octopath Traveler launches worldwide July 13 on Nintendo Switch.

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