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Here at oprainfall, we love us some RPGs, especially when they are invested with the spirit of classics from the consoles of yore. So when I saw Blade of Unagi, I took note. It’s being crowdfunded by Black Sky Games, and if funded will come to PC and Nintendo Switch. The story revolves around defeating 5 evil monarchs empowered by mystical eels (no, that’s not a typo). Blade of Unagi features parallax scrolling and is being built with Unity. Perhaps more exciting is that the musical score for the game is being crafted by Garry Schyman, known for his tremendous work on seventeen different games, including the Bioshock series.

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If you’re wondering about the composition of the game itself, I’ll let the developers speak for themselves.

Blade of Unagi will feature five worlds, twenty enemy types, various NPCs, over twenty quests, five boss encounters and much more. We are working to bring an immersive and satisfying experience to consumers. The setting will be immersive with unique encounters along the way – bringing you closer emotionally to the setting. Players will form alliances with other characters in the world. Among them is Unagi, a key character in the story.

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While I think Blade of Unagi looks like it could be compelling, every Kickstarter project depends on funding. As it stands right now, it’s far away from the funding goal of $320,056 with 22 days left. There are a variety of tiers you can fund it at, the more interesting of which I’ll mention below.

Blade of Unagi | Rewards

CA$15 – Savior – Get the PDF Artbook and either the PC or Switch copy of the game
CA$50 – Hero – Get the PDF Artbook, digital OST, copies of the game for both PC and Switch, a goodie bag with things such as a T-Shirt, Mug and Calendar and a framed colored illustration
CA$250 – Enemy – All previous rewards, plus the opportunity to design an enemy.

Blade of Unagi | Heroes

There’s still time for Blade of Unagi to get funded, but only if more folks step up to help out. You can check out the full details of the Kickstarter here.

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