This is another great week for the Nintendo Download. It features upcoming and newly released games I’m personally quite excited for, the usual sales and promotions, and even some fun new digital content. So let’s jump on in and see what’s worth playing!

Nintendo Download | Battle Chasers Nightwar

The first game is one I also helped crowdfund, and I couldn’t be happier to see its Switch release is just around the corner. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is based on a cult classic comic series and is bringing new life to it for fans. With a RPG style of gameplay and lush art, it is sure to make even more fans on the Nintendo console. Another exciting release this week is courtesy of tinyBuild and Zombie Dynamics. It’s none other than Garage, a bloody top-down experience inspired by B-movie horror. You can find out more about what it’s like when our review of it goes live soon. If you’re more of a fan of intense demon focused RPGs, you’ll soon be able to pick up the latest SMT game in Strange Journey Redux, which we’ll also be reviewing on the site. I enjoyed the original, but hope this updated version features the usual quality of life streamlining I expect from the series. If you are still looking for something new on your 3DS, you can pick up a demo of Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers. And lastly, if you have been curious about ARMS but haven’t picked it up yet, there is a demo out so you can try before you buy. Next up, let’s check out some sales.

Nintendo Download | Garage

While there aren’t a ton of new sales this week, there are still a few good ones. First up, you can pick up the Zelda inspired cultural adventure Mulaka (Switch) now for only $17.98; for a tactical game, World Conqueror X (Switch) is down to $7.49; for something strange, you might enjoy Bridge Constructor Portal (Switch) for $9.89; for atmospheric puzzle solving, you should check out The Fall Part 2: Unbound (Switch) for $11.89; if you love rogue, you should try Heart&Slash (Switch) for $11.24; if you love commanding tiny soldiers, you might enjoy Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL (Switch) for $10.39; if you like Tetris inspired games, you really owe it to yourself to get Tumblestone (Switch) for a low price of $4.94; for something totally odd, you might like De Mambo (Switch) for $6.49; for a simple tactics fix, check out Ambition of the Slimes (3DS) for only $3; for something unique, check out The Bridge (Wii U) for $3.99; for something charming looking, try out Toys Vs Monsters (3DS) for $2.39 and for a great SHMUP, check out Nano Assault Neo (Wii U) for $7.49. To see the full list, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

There are a handful of promotions happening this week. Just look below to see what’s happening!

  • Earn My Nintendo Platinum Points with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – My Nintendo members can earn 100 Platinum Points by finding the hidden K-O-N-G letters on the game website. In addition, members can also redeem their points for new Donkey Kong digital wallpapers for their PC or mobile devices.
  • Nintendo Labo Creators Contest for Best Decorated Toy-Con ends soon—enter today! – Make, play, and discover with Nintendo Labo! Create your masterpiece using a Nintendo Labo kit and a Nintendo Switch system, then post a video or picture of your creation to the My Nintendo – Nintendo Labo Creators Contest site for a chance to win some great prizes.* The “Best Decorated Toy-Con” contest ends on 10:59 a.m. PT on May 11, so act fast!
  • Fire Emblem Heroes Version 2.5.0 Update – The new update to the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game adds many new features, including updates to the Arena, tutorial improvements and new Heroes.

Nintendo Download | Elena Temple

Finally, there are a bunch of great new digital games out this week, but first let’s cover those out early next week. There’s only a couple, and they are both very different games. First up is The Adventures of Elena Temple, which set my nostalgia synapses afire. The other game out next week is the rogue Wizard of Legend, which caught my attention with its art style and dungeon crawling combat. The rest are out this week.

Nintendo Download | Wizard of Legend

If you’re looking for some retro love, you might enjoy the latest Arcade Archives game, Terra Cresta. For some more frenetic action, you might enjoy InkSplosion , L.F.O. -Lost Future Omega- or Super Chariot. If you love beating pirates to a bloody pulp, you might enjoy One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition. For a puzzling adventure game, check out The Fall (or wait to read our review first when it goes live later this month). If you prefer VNs, you should read Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition. For fans of Lemmings, you might enjoy Splitter Critters. And for something totally strange, get ready to blast mummies in Immortal Redneck.

Nintendo Download | Splitter Critters

Not a bad week for the Nintendo Download, huh? Check back with oprainfall next week for the latest in worthy game offerings on Nintendo consoles.

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