Spike-Chunsoft has released STEINS;GATE 0 on Steam. This is a prequel entry to highly regarded classic STEINS;GATE. There is a special offer that nets you a 10% discount if you purchase STEINS;GATE in a bundle. Current owners of the original will get the 10% discount of the retail price of $34.99 as well.


A new story in the critically-acclaimed STEINS;GATE series. From the depths of despair—explore a whole new world line. Your favorite characters return alongside a brand new cast!

Key Features

  • STEINS;GATE 0 continues the time travelling theme – but adds artificial intelligence as its central hook

  • Help a group of young students bend time to their will and prevent the onset of World War 3

  • Beautiful artwork and engaging story for an unforgettable experience

  • Tells the story of an ‘Alternate Worldline’ – what happens if players failed the original story

  • Interact with the story using your smart phone – answering (or not!) your phone, and your responses, will determine the outcome to the story

Steve Baltimore
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