Green Man Gaming

While I know most people buy their games directly on Steam, there are many famous online stores for PC games with sales that rival Steam. One of those is Green Man Gaming which is celebrating its 8 year anniversary by offering some great savings on some recent games.

They are currently offering some Flash Deals, Daily Deals and you can get a Mystery gift as well so it seems worth checking it out.

Press Release:

Green Man Gaming celebrates its 8th Birthday today
8HR & 24HR Flash deals, free gifts and extra vouchers for customers throughout MayLondon, UK, 8 May 2018 – Green Man Gaming is celebrating its 8th birthday today with a big Birthday celebration of deals and gifts on the store between the 8th and 31st May 2018.  Customers will see new flash deals on the biggest and best PC games every single day and an extra special saving with the voucher code GMGBDAY.  On top of this Green Man Gaming will be giving out free games and extra vouchers intermittently for every purchase made during the sale period.Games to look out for during the first day of the sale include:

To save even more money on the flash deals, customers will need to remember to add the code GMGBDAY to their basket.

Visit Green Man Gaming to shop the sale now.

Henry Badilla
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