corrupted save

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Today on the corrupted save podcast. In space no one can hear you sperg.

For news:

  • GTA V sales allow Rockstar to buy a small country
  • Konami buys Goemon expect Goemon pachinko soon
  • PUBG ransomware
  • Radical Heights existed for 3 days
  • NISA blunder news Spring 2018 edition (and no its not the disgea demo, that happened after we recorded)
  • Belgium banning loot boxes but we don’t know what that means
  • Platniumgames’ Okami successor not for phones
  • Marvelous and Xseed bring Bullet Witch to PC and some other games but who cares? Freakin Bullet Witch man!
  • Etrian Odyssey X
  • and finally the tale of the BullyHunters

There is also:

  • Spring Anime season first impressions
  • New game guess the number
  • Waifu of the week
  • Shout-outs and Shout-ats
  • What have you been playing?
  • and finally our question of the day – examples of genres you enjoy and why you like them?

Mid episode I found a trailer for this sick independant character action game take a look here:


That about does it for this episode take care and see you next time!

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