MangaGamer Circus Sale

MangaGamer has launched a “Circus Sale” on their store, with special prices for all the games they’ve published by developer Circus. Some of the games on sale include all three Da Capo games and Dal Segno, among others. The sale applies to versions of the games in their store as well as Steam versions for those games.

Some of the highlights of the sale include:

  • Suika at $8.99 (70% off)
  • Da Capo at $11.98 (60% off)
  • Da Capo II at $22.47 (50% off)
  • Da Capo III R X-Rated at $24.72 (45% off)
  • D.S. Dal Segno at $21.97 (45% off)
  • Space Live at $7.46 (25% off)

The full list can be found on MangaGamer’s blog post announcing the sale.

If you’re curious about the games themselves, we have reviews of all three main Da Capo games, Dal Segno, and Space Live.

Chris Melchin
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