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I wasn’t too with Penguin Wars, despite some previous coverage of it. Released in 1985, it featured a simple premise of various animals facing off in competitive battles with ball rolling. The reason that’s relevant today is that Penguin Wars is getting a hell of a facelift, and the modern version is headed to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 courtesy of Dispatch Games. Not only are the graphics totally redone and made sparkly, but they have added some new modes and features to the game as well.

Penguin Wars | PS4

If that sounds like something you would enjoy, keep in mind you can only pre-order the physical edition via Dispatch Games’ own site, and both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 copies are limited to 5000 each, sold for $39.99. They also come with a nifty soundtrack download code. I admit I like the new aesthetic of the game, despite not being familiar with the source material. If you want to read more about Penguin Wars, check out the info posted on the sale page as well as the trailer below.Penguin Wars | Switch

Penguin Wars is a remake of the classic released in 1985. The original rule of using 10 balls to throw at each other is still the core of the game. However, now you can evolve your characters in Story Mode and use those suped up characters in both local and online game play against your friends. This release also introduces multiple sets of new rules, which new and seasoned gamer can both enjoy. Music from the original version released in 1985 has been remixed and updated by notable musicians from Japan, which will make you want to listen to the music while you’re out for a run or dance to on a Friday night with the family.

Penguin Wars | Sparkle


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