Garage | Keyart

Back in the most recent Nintendo Direct, we covered tinyBuild’s upcoming Switch exclusive Garage. This bloody top-down adventure is slated to come to the Nintendo Switch on May 10th, and is looking to paint the town red. It features deep atmosphere, clever use of lighting, zombies, rats and other horrors. But if you’re not sure what to make of the game, you should take a gander at the 6 minute trailer below.

Garage | Doggie

tinyBuild is working in conjunction with Zombie Dynamics (fantastic name) to bring the best possible game in Garage. If you’re a fan of top-down shooters or just post apocalyptic mayhem, you owe it to yourself to put this one on your radar. Stay tuned to oprainfall for more info and our upcoming review of Garage in the coming months!

Josh Speer
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