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Developed by ebi-hime and published by Sekai Project, Aldol is coming to Steam. It is a family-friendly visual novel set in the fture, where virtual idols are all the rage. Virtual idols entertain better than any human could possibly imagine. One high school student in particular, Hana, adores an idol by the name of Aiko. The postergirl for Lyriq, Aiko is the nation’s darling. One day, Hana receives text messaged from Aiko, claiming to be in danger of malfunctioning. Her programmer has gone missing, and it is up to Hana to find the programmer.

With vocaloid produced by Kenji-B and art by Melowbee, Aldol is a story of friendship, music, and adventure. The visual novel will have trading cards, and be priced at $10.99. The exact release date is this year, April 26th.


The latest from ebi-hime,
AIdol is coming to Steam!


Set fifteen minutes into the future, AIdol is about a new craze that’s been sweeping Japan: virtual idols.

Virtual idols look like normal humans, but they’re made of wire and circuitry. They can sing better, dance better, and entertain better than any human could ever hope to, and their devotion to their jobs is unfailing.

The protagonist, Hana, is a young high school student who loves virtual idols – particularly Aiko. Aiko is the postergirl of the famous company Lyriq, and one of the most popular virtual idols to ever exist. Aiko is the nation’s darling, and though Hana adores her, she knows she’ll never get a chance to speak to her. Aiko is simply too far out of her reach.

That is, until one day, when somebody claiming to be Aiko starts sending Hana text messages asking for help. Aiko tells Hana that she’s in severe danger of malfunctioning, and the only person who can save her is her original programmer… but nobody seems to know where they are, and nobody is willing to help her.

Left with no alternatives, it’s up to Hana (and an eclectic cast of characters she meets along the way) to save Aiko from being turned into scrap metal!

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With Vocaloid insert songs produced by Kenji-B and stunning art by Melowbee, AIdol is a sweet, family friendly story about making friends, going on adventures and the power of music! This adorable Visual Novel has numerous choices with branching endings and character-specific epilogues, the replayability alone makes it something to enjoy!

AIdol will be released soon on steam with Trading Cards and will have a price point of $10.99. Press keys are now available for press outlets looking to review AIdol.

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