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Suda51 Details Development of Travis Strikes Again

Travis Strikes Again | Travis

During an interview by Nintendo Life, Goichi Suda, commonly known as Suda51, details development about Travis Strikes Again. Many parts included where he got his inspirations, how he learned the world, and more. Going from an indie-sized team of four to fifteen, he detailed if Travis Strikes Again is successful, it would bring forth more numbered sequels to the franchise. The team size was what also allowed Suda to have the game go in a completely different direction.

One of the more striking statements was that there was the possibility of required motion controls for the game. during the interview, it was brought up that motion controls were required to recharge the player’s weapons. This is a carry-over from the games on the Wii, where the player had to shake the Wii mote to recharge the beam katana. Even the PS3 remaster, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, required the motion sensor to recharge the weapon, causing issues if one used third-party controllers. For many, this can be a driving force not to buy the game, particularly for those who play on the Switch’s portable mode.

Hopefully, more information comes along to ease players’ fears.


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