Dimension Drive | Bullet Stream

It wasn’t that long ago I got the chance to review Dimension Drive, the fun crowdfunded SHMUP with a twist on the standard formula. I had played the Switch version, but this month it’s actually making its way to the PlayStation 4! It will first be available starting later this month, so if you are a fan of the SHMUP genre and Sony, keep your eyes peeled.

Dimension Drive | Evasion

Perhaps more exciting is that Dimension Drive is also getting a snazzy physical edition when it launches in Asia, courtesy of the good folks at Play-Asia. This will be limited to 2000 pcs and will include a music CD, collector’s box and other fun stuff. Not bad for $36.99. I know I enjoyed it on my Switch, and feel it will also do well on PS4.

Dimension Drive | PS4 Collector's Box

If you’re a fan of blasting ships to smithereens and are looking for a new physical collectable, be sure to check out the Play-Asia site next week.

Josh Speer
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