Square Enix released a patch today for Chrono Trigger on Steam, the first of multiple to come following critical feedback from fans. These updates will enhance the title’s presentation and features.

Today’s patch specifically has added a variety of updates. The first update includes a graphics setting to give players the choice between the current high resolution character sprites and background graphics, or the a new “original” mode, which is a style that resembles the original look of Chrono Trigger. Also added to the game are updated font and dialogue boxes. The boxes were updated with a more classic look and feel. In addition to these changes are changes to the game’s start-up sequence order, which was made to be more true to previous versions of Chrono Trigger. And finally, various additional enhancements and fixes to the text and graphics were made for the purpose of enhancing the PC experience.

Further updates will be added later on, such as additional UI changes to optimize play for PC users using either a gamepad or keyboard and mouse, improved resolution in cut-scenes and more. Along with these new updates, Chrono Trigger‘s Limited Edition will now be available for a longer period of time, it’s now available until April 30th 2018. The PC Limited Edition contains PC wallpapers, a medley of music from the game and digital liner notes made by composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

For additional details, you can visit the new official website for Chrono Trigger, right here.

Jenae R
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