Golem Gates

Strategy game Golem Gates is now out. This RTS includes a card collecting element with “glyphs”. The 100 different glyphs take the forms of different units, stat boosts, debuffs, buildings, and traps. In addition to the campaign there is multiplayer and co-op modes. Here’s a plot description from the game’s Steam page.

“In a desolate land ravaged by ancient wars, you are the Harbinger, an outcast with the ability to manipulate and command nanites from ‘The Ash’– a leftover power manifesting itself in your barren world’s atmosphere. Ancient warrior machines spawn from Golem Gates while an unseen force compels you to take up arms. Wielding the power hidden within ‘The Ash’, you’ll battle the golems and unravel the mysteries surrounding their long-lost creators.”

Golem Gates is now out on Steam. The game is currently 20% off until April 4.

SOURCE: Press Release

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