Peripheral maker HORI will release a Nintendo Switch left Joy-Con with a traditional D-Pad in Japan this July. This will mark the first time a third party hardware maker will produce a version of the Switch’s out-of-the-box controller.

A popular request since the Switch launch last year, the traditional D-Pad is ideal for 2D retro-style games and classic reissues on the Switch, including Hamster Corp’s copious arcade releases.

HORI’s Joy-Con comes with a budget price of $25 USD, and with this price comes a host of omissions from the normal controller. The following will be left out of HORI’s option, per it’s Amazon Japan listing:

Player light, synchronize button, SL button, SR button, HD Rumble

This product is not equipped with “acceleration sensor” and “gyro sensor”. During the game, “acceleration sensor” and “gyro sensor” on Joy – Con (R) side will function.

Because this product is dedicated to the portable mode, wireless communication is not performed in “TV mode” and “tabletop mode”.

These limitations echo the same of third party-made Pro Controllers for the Switch, particularly wireless communication, NFC, motion sensors, and rumble. HORI’s Joy-Con is intended to be used purely in handheld mode, so if you crave a wireless option, Nintendo’s official Joy-Con is your best bet.

The first party Joy-Con retails at almost double HORI’s option. No word yet on an international release of HORI’s D-Pad-sporting Joy-Con.

Alex Irish
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