BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character Intro 2

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Jubei Distortion skill

As has become the norm for the monthly livestream, Arc System Works showed off a new trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle during last night’s ArcNama. The new trailer brings a new group of three characters, likely comprising the second Cross Tag Character Pack of DLC characters.

You can see the trailer here:

The trailer starts by breaking the usual trend of revealing Persona 4 Arena characters in the order they joined the party in Persona 4, by revealing the android Aigis from Persona 3. It continues with Under Night In-Birth’s aggressive high school student Carmine, and finishing off with BlazBlue’s feline samurai Jubei, who was first playable as DLC in BlazBlue Centralfiction.

The stream also showed off some more gameplay; instead of the same demo build we’ve seen already, the stream showed a more complete build. Most notable was the results screen, with a comment from both chosen characters. In addition, there seem to be special introductions from specific pairs of characters, although which pairs will have these still remains to be seen.

In addition to the ArcNama stream, Arc System Works America has been running the monthly Arc Live stream. This week they featured an interview with Arc System Works CEO Kidooka. The most notable piece of news to come from the interview was the game’s presence at events on Easter weekend, March 31-April 1, including Anime Ascension in southern California, Anime Boston, and Seattle’s Sakura Con. The demo featured at these events will be the first one to feature the English dub for the game.

Finally, a new piece of news came out this morning. The game is being published by Arc System Works in Japan and North America, releasing on May 31 and June 5 respectively. Now, publisher PQube has announced that they will be publishing the game in Europe, releasing their own version of the Blake and Yang reveal trailer from January. They will be releasing the PS4 and Switch versions in summer, on top of Arc System Works’ own Steam version.

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