Sentai Filmworks have acquired the rights to distribute ALICE or ALICE,  a slice of life manga that will be getting an anime adaptation later this year. You can read the official announcement below:

Sentai Filmworks announced today they have acquired all distribution rights for ALICE or ALICE in the following territories: North America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.


What happens when a big brother idolizes his little twin sisters? All sorts of mischief that’s what! Meet Rise and Airi, twin sisters who love to hang out with their friends, go to cute pastry shops and annoy their big brother. Watch as these adorable pint-size girls learn to navigate through life while making sure their brother doesn’t go too over the top.


Kōsuke Kobayashi will be making his directorial debut, with sound direction from Nobuyuki Abe (Kemono Friends). Animation production will be handled by EMT Squared (Love Tyrant, Highschool Life of a Fudanshi).


ALICE or ALICE is scheduled for a Spring 2018 broadcast in Japan. It will soon be available to stream on select digital outlets with a home video release to follow.


Are any of you looking forward to watching ALICE or ALICE? Or better yet if you had to choose one, which of the sisters would you pick?

Source: Press Release

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