Seven days with the Ghost | You shouldn't have peeked Ayako

Released by Denpasoft, Seven days with the Ghost is a new Yuri game developed Lilies Project and members of 2ch. It tells the story of Ayako Orihara, the only member of the Occult Club at Keisei Academy who due to some unusual circumstances ends up meeting a ghost at the worst time.

For a limited time you can get the game with a 10% launch discount. You can find more information on the plot below:

Ayako Orihara is a student and the only member of the Occult Research Club at Keisei Academy. She is told that the Occult Research Club will be closed down if more members don’t join, so she does whatever she can to attract interest in order to save her club. With only seven days left for her investigation, Ayako happens upon her friend Anna, and another student, Komaki, making love in Anna’s room. Ayako seemingly had no intention to peep but in the process of doing so, she comes across the ghost.

Ayako screams in surprise and is subdued by Anna who discovers her. Unable to explain herself, Komaki is convinced that Ayako is some sort of pervert and Anna dismisses the idea that a ghost appeared only because they were having sex.

Dejected, Ayako returns to her room where Miyabi, the ghost, appears before her again. She finds out that Miyabi in fact is a fan of peeping on girls making love. With no way of writing a report on a ghost that is not only, not haunted by the past or a grudge, and instead simply has a unique past time, Ayako tries to find a way to convince Anna and Komaki that the ghost is real.

You can order it from here on Denpasoft’s website.

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