BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle RWBY in-game

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle key art

In a news post on the official Arc System Works website, the company revealed some of the modes that will be present in the upcoming crossover fighting game BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. The post came alongside an article on the game in the most recent Famitsu article, showing off not only the new modes but also the four newest characters Platinum, Orie, Kanji, and Yang, giving us a few new screenshots, as well as the key visual by Higuchi Konomi seen above.

The first new mode is Episode Mode, which serves as the game’s story mode. It has four episodes – one for each of BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY – and is set in the “Phantom Field”, a point where the four separate worlds come together.

There’s also Tactics Mode and Training Mode. Tactics Mode seems to be a standard tutorial or combo challenge mode, helping the player learn the characters and mechanics of the game. The mode is divided into basics, practical applications, character-specific and mission categories. Training Mode seems like your basic fighting game training mode, and at the very least has the standard array of options for health and meter regeneration.

Survival Mode pits the player’s team against a series of enemies, standard fare for fighting game survival modes.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Survival Mode

Finally, the game will have Gallery Mode, allowing the player to view various collected illustrations, and the Replay Theater, where the player can watch recorded match replays.

The post also features high-resolution artwork for all four new characters, as well as some new screenshots.

The past month has been a big one for news on BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, especially in the west with Arc System Works America’s press event last week and ongoing weekly streams on Twitch. We learned the western pricing as well as that the whole game will have dual audio, with the previous and existing casts of BlazBlue, Persona 4 and RWBY reprising their roles and a new English cast for the Under Night In-Birth characters. The game is set for launch in Japan and Asia on May 31, and the rest of the world on June 5.


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