CODE VEIN will have a request system allowing players to request help from others when having trouble fighting the Lost. When you’re having trouble in difficult dungeons you’ll be able to explore and defeat enemies with the help of an A.I. companion as well another human player. Communication with other players is done with gestures, stamps and voice commands.

Also announced for the game are two new characters, Karen and Cruz. Karen is the older sister of Louis, who had revived as a Revenant after dying. She is a support character for other Revenants in battle. Cruz underwent horrible experiments, hoping to save mankind. But after feeling the pressure of a failed experiment, she became a powerful force of destruction within the world of CODE VEIN.

Check out the album below, full of new game screenshots released by BANDAI NAMCO. And don’t forget, CODE VEIN will be available later this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

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