My Nintendo Gold Points will be usable to purchase Nintendo Switch software beginning in March. For long-time users of the oft-beleaguered service will have more use for their golden currency outside of Wii U and 3DS software.

To wit, if you buy software across Switch (digital or physical), 3DS and Wii U (digital), starting in March you’ll be able to redeem Gold Points worth 5% of the amount paid for select Switch software (1% for retail titles’ eShop price). Remaining balance will come out of your eShop wallet or other alternative pay methods. Your Gold Points earned will be available for a year before they expire.

There’s no telling what Switch software will be compatible with the new My Nintendo update, be it retail or smaller eShop-only affairs. On the advice of Twitter user Pixelpar, users should refrain from registering any physical Switch games until March’s update, lest they earn fewer Gold Points and eShop savings.


Alex Irish
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