TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game will be available on February 15 for $9.99. Playism also announced that several more games are on the way. More about that in the 2nd video below. This title features 50 levels with branching paths and hidden routes, and full HD rumble to indicate the direction the box is extending in.

More information in the press release below, including how you can save 20% on this title.



TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-

TorqueL is the mysterious 2D rotation action puzzle game developed by Japanese indie creator

Roll and extend the hat-wearing protagonist’s boxed prison to overcome and complete each stage.  As well as gaining an overhaul from the previously available version, the dedicated BGM designed by Nobuyoshi Sano, known for scoring songs for Ridge Racer and Tekken, has  also been redesigned to fully suit the new movements of TorqueL.
Now, the game also supports full HD rumble, allowing the player to understand the direction the box is extending in via vibration.

TorqueL’s coming soon page is up now on Nintendo Switch, purchase it before release for 20% off!
Nintendo Switch Store:


  • A unique experience where you can “roll” and “extend”.
  • 50 levels with branching paths and hidden routes.
  • A fully redesigned BGM created by Nobuyoshi Sano.
  • Features full HD rumble to indicate the direction the box is extending in.
  • Buy now for 20% off!
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