The Nintendo Switch has overtaken the lifetime sales of Wii U, Nintendo’s financial report for their Fiscal Year 2018’s third quarter reports. The Switch has sold 14.86 million units worldwide since March 2017, with 7.24 million in the third quarter and 12.13 million in the fiscal year beginning April 1 2017 to date. The console’s key holiday release, Super Mario Odyssey, foisted itself to becoming the best-selling game on the system with 9.07 million units sold worldwide since October.

Nintendo also reports updated sales figures for fellow Nintendo Switch million sellers include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at 7.33 million units, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with 6.7 million units (now the second highest-selling Zelda release worldwide behind Twilight Princess), Splatoon 2 standing at 4.91 million units and matching the exact sales of the original in the process, launch title 1-2-Switch with 1.88 million units, ARMS at 1.61 million units, and December’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2 crossing the threshold with 1.06 million units. Overall software sales for the Switch are 52.57 million lifetime and over 25 million units in the third quarter, albeit only counting digital versions of retail games.

Joy-Cons and Switch (Tablet Mode)

Meanwhile, the old warhorse Nintendo 3DS family continues to sell with a reported 71.99 million units lifetime, 5.86 million for the fiscal year to date, and 3 million units in the third quarter alone. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the system’s major release in late-2017, sold a combined 7.17 million units across the holiday season worldwide.

Nintendo’s amiibo also continued unabated with sales of 9.30 million units sold for figures and 5 million units sold for the cards in the fiscal year to date. Smartphone business also remains steady with ¥29,101 million in the FYTD and ¥11,176 million for the quarter (not including Pokémon GO figures). Fire Emblem Warriors remains Nintendo’s best-performing mobile title in revenue.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Best Hero Rex

In terms of raw financials, Nintendo profited well with ¥156,462 million in Operating Income and ¥135,165 million in pure Profit, increases of 494.6 percent and 31.3 percent respectively. Net sales jumped 175 percent from last year to ¥857,012 million. Compared to the same time last year, Nintendo Switch is largely responsible for this year’s incredible growth. The company’s next fiscal year, beginning in April 2018, opens with the Nintendo Labo, a kit of cardboard that interacts with the Switch and its Joy-Con controllers.

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