The Alchemist Code

Expect thrills and serious girl power from January 18th to February 15th as the Killer Princesses fashioned after legendary weapons from Phantom of the Kill are crossing over to THE ALCHEMIST CODE.

Jam-packed with thrilling battles and exciting crossover storylines, THE ALCHEMIST CODE x Phantom of the Kill Crossover merges the worlds of two of gumi Inc.’s finest strategy and tactical RPG mobile titles and features:

Help Tyrfing find her new commander! (January 18th – February 7th)
Tyrfing is a Cursed Blade from a distant land who has awoken in Babel. Lost and confused, she is seeking a commander, for she will not survive long without one.

Will you be the Alchemist who is strong enough to be her new commander? Clear the crossover quest to transmute Tyrfing and uncover her story as she finds her place in this new world!

Meet Killer Princess Masamune! (January 25th – February 7th)
Face off against the powerful Killer Princess Masamune—the Strict and Honorable Samurai Code Devotee—in the Multiplayer Quest to win her favor!

Bring your best unit and party up with your friends or other players to overcome this formidable foe. Defeating Masamune in combat will bring you one step closer in recruiting her into your squad of deadly warriors!

Killer Princesses Meet Alchemists (January 18th – February 15th)
A unique crossover story with characters from THE ALCHEMIST CODE interacting with the characters from Phantom of the Kill. Clear this event to obtain Ouroboros for free! There will be 10 new stages designed exclusively for this crossover linking to the story.

Summon these Deadly Killer Princesses in THE ALCHEMIST CODE!
Laevateinn—A wanderer at heart that hates to be bound by anything, Laevateinn has an immense amount of wild power and an intense deep desire to protect her comrades in battle.
Cita—Don’t be fooled by her cute and gentle smile! A vivacious warrior, Cita prefers to intimidate and take on a large number of opponents at a time.
Shekinah—Although she appears to be dignified and strict to others, Shekinah is drawn to all things shiny. If she finds an object shinier than anything she owns, she’s always sure to go after it.

Never mess with these THE ALCHEMIST CODE Characters! Summon them as they come
to life in Phantom of the Kill!
During this crossover event, Phantom of the Kill players will have a chance to summon these characters daily:

  • Ouroboros—A mysterious girl who appears before the Door of Truth. Calling herself the Observer of Destiny who bonds the world with truth, Ouroboros bestows the power of Alchemy upon those who are worthy. Her objectives and true identity are unknown.
  • Chloe—The Commander of the Scarlet Flame Imperial Guard of Envylia, Chloe is strict to herself and everybody around her. Known to have immeasurable strength, Chloe is able to slash down her enemies with a blade that is as big as herself.
  • Rosa— Ever since she set foot into the torture chambers of her estate, she’s had an attraction to collecting cruel weaponry. It is said that when she gets excited, her right eye glows due to a heightened concentration of Alchemia.
    Get Phantom of the Kill-exclusive gear in THE ALCHEMIST CODE by summoning or transmuting them from Gear Shards collected in the Crossover Quests! Unlock the Killer Princesses’ Master Ability by equipping their legendary weapon gear—every Killer Princess has her own accessory of power and weapon of mass destruction!
    Items dropped from the 10 stages of The Phantom of the Kill crossover quest can be fused into unique crossover gear! This gear can be evolved even further into stronger forms! Summon and evolve them all to see their destructive powers in action!
    THE ALCHEMIST CODE Players can earn Phantom of The Kill crossover rewards such as Masamune Soul Shards, Job Tokens and Gear Shards by continuously achieving milestone targets. The further you go, the better the rewards.

Also out on January 18th is the release of THE ALCHEMIST CODE’s Episode Two of Chapter Two: “Death Sentence”

Discover what awaits Edgar, Fiona, and Alkemono, as they search for the Sacred Stone Belphegor across the steampunk-esque kingdom of Slothstein.

As the duo escape from the Beckrams, who are hot on their heels, they meet a mysterious cloaked figure. What’s the identity of this friend or foe? Play Episode Two to find out!

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