Nindies 2018 sale

While I wouldn’t call us gamers cheap, we do love to be thrifty. This is especially punctuated by Steam, which has insane sales all the time, and Sony, which loves to discount their less popular games to crazy low prices. We don’t often hear about such massive sales from Nintendo, but on occasion they do slacken their grips on the price tags. Today, you can help celebrate the New Year with a Nindies New Year Sale taking place from today until January 15th. The regions it will affect are North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The following 9 indie games will be on sale.

Death Squared is 25% off for $11.24
GoNNER is 30% off for $6.99
Graceful Explosion Machine is 30% off for $8.99
INVERSUS Deluxe is 35% off for $9.74
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is 33% off for $9.99
Semispheres is 30% off for $6.99
Severed is 33% off for $9.99
Thimbleweed Park is 25% off for $14.99
Thumper is 33% off for $13.39

That’s a bunch of great Nindie games. Additionally, there is a giveaway happening today as well as an AMA with the developers of these titles. Read below for more details.

Game Giveaway: It wouldn’t be a party without a door prize! On Thursday Jan. 11, one lucky winner will be selected to receive an eShop code for all nine of the games included in the sale. Head to this page to throw your name into the hat.

Reddit AMA: All of the devs involved in the Nindies New Year Sale will be doing a group Ask Me Anything on Reddit today — please drop by and bombard them with questions! The AMA will kick off at 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST / 8:00pm CET

Josh Speer
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