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Treasure Adventure World



For fans of the first game, Treasure Adventure World is a long awaited, much expanded remake and reimagining of 2011’s Treasure Adventure Game. After years of development, Robit Games has finally announced a release date! Best of all, it’s right around the corner! Treasure Adventure World is launching on February 7th, 2018. They’ve already posted pages for the game on both Steam, and The game will be priced at $10/£7 when it launches, and you can preorder it now on with a 5% preorder discount. It doesn’t look like you can preorder it on Steam yet, though. For those who have not played the original, it is a 2D, side-scrolling, open-world, platform adventure game. It’s a little bit Zelda-esque as well.

During the game’s long development, fans were able to pre-order at different tiers on Humble Bundle to help fund the construction of the game. Currently, the game is not available through that site, though. On the Treasure Adventure World official website, they kept the community up-to-date on the progress of development, and posted blogs as well. Now the development cycle is nearly over and that is exciting! They’ve also released a brand new trailer with some pretty cool music showing off the game:


Treasure Adventure World has added a very nice new HD coat of paint, and tons of new stuff. The game is being published by Chucklefish Games, who have published other well-received titles such as Starbound and Stardew Valley. You may have noticed in that trailer that the game contains some nods to some of those other titles. For example, there is a Jojamart in the background in one scene. Some other goodies hiding in the trailer are that he appears to be wearing a variety of hats, such as a bear mask in one scene, and in another, he looks like his original sprite from the first game. We also see him wearing a pair of glasses. Clearly it seems there are some new wearables in the game, among lots of other new things.

If you’re interested in this game, you can check out the original adventure, Treasure Adventure Game, in the meantime. It’s a free download at the Treasure Adventure Game official website, so give it a go and see if you like it! I very much enjoyed the first game, so I helped support Treasure Adventure World by pre-ordering it back in March of 2014. Has it really been that long already? Just remember that Treasure Adventure World is a huge improvement over the original game, an evolution of that game and its ideas. Fans now have just one short month left until the game is here!



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