Happy 2018, Nintendo fans! We here at oprainfall hope you had a fun and safe NYE and here’s hoping 2018 continues the trend of a slew of great games! Today Nintendo looks to add to that trend with a few new games. It’s not a huge amount of content, but there is an upside – the Game Guide is working again! Which means this week we’ll cover some nice sales worth checking out, as well as new content. Let’s see what’s worth playing.

Nintendo Download | Kirby Battle Royale

First up, it wouldn’t be a new year without a new Kirby game! Yes, Kirby Battle Royale has a demo version out. Play with friends or CPU in this demo, and you can play the full version when it launches on the 19th. Best of all, you can transfer your earned coins and Meta Knight to the full game when it officially hits. It might not be the Kirby game I’m most excited about, but you can’t say no to that cute little pink monster.

Nintendo Download | Bleed

I promised sales, and this week I can actually deliver! First up, if you missed it earlier, Inti Creates is having a sale on a bunch of their games, which you should check out if you like retro inspired goodness. Besides that, here is a list of games worth checking out. The frenetic fun of Bleed (Switch) is discounted to $11.99; the cutesy looking Mecho Tales (Switch) is pretty cheap at $7.99; Caveman Warriors (Switch) isn’t too bad at $9.74; multiplayer RPG Nine Parchments (Switch) is somewhat discounted at $17.99; the fascinating match-3 SHMUP Transcripted (Switch) is a steal at $7.19; Scrabble meets wizards in Spellspire (Switch) for only $7.99; Oxenfree (Switch) is more than half off at $4.99; Robonauts (Switch) is affordable at $7.49; artsy looking indie Pan-Pan (Switch) is very nice at $4; indie The Bridge (Wii U, Switch) is very inexpensive at $4.49; fantastic retro romp Cursed Castilla EX (3DS) is well worth it at $9.95; Dragon Sinker (3DS) looks interesting for only $6.99; Koi DX (Wii U) is a steal at $1.99; Ambition of the Slimes (3DS) looks worth it at $3; Nova-111 (Wii U) looks fun for $2.49; The Swindle (Wii U) is worth grabbing at $3.74; the crazy Ultratron (Wii U) is a great bargain at $2.49; classic puzzle game The Swapper (Wii U) is great for only $4.99; and finally, Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (Wii U) is spooky fun for only $3.24. That’s a lot of great games, but you can find the full list by clicking here.

Nintendo Download | Stikbold

Finally, we’ll close out like always with some new digital content. The three games worth checking out this time are very strange and disparate, so let’s see what’s on offer. First, if you like relaxing puzzle games, I recommend Pic-a-Pix Deluxe. If you prefer funky takes on sports, give a look at Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure. And lastly, a game I fondly remember from my past, ACA NEOGEO King of Monsters is available today. One quick PSA, I’ve noticed some ACA NEOGEO games on my wishlist have been made unavailable to purchase, and I’m not sure if this is a trend or not. So if you want to own a classic Neogeo game on your Switch, act fast. You never know when it’ll be taken down.

Nintendo Download | King of Monsters

Not a bad Nintendo Download, eh? 2018 is off to a good start so far, at least games-wise. Be sure to join us next week for the latest Download, and be sure to tune in for oprainfall’s end of the year awards and various game lists we’ll be publishing!

Josh Speer
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