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The enhanced definition for Catherine has been announced for a Western release titled as Catherine: Full Body. Release date, pricing, and platforms shall be revealed at a later date. It shall be released in the Americas and Europe. Catherine: Full Body specifically shall introduce new events for both original love interests and puzzle content. It will also feature a new love interest named “Rin” who will have distinct storyline elements.

Catherine was made by the same developers who make the Persona series. It is a mature action-adventure puzzle game that revolves around morality, nightmares, and relationships. The puzzle themselves revolve around pushing blocks to reach the top of the level. The main character is Vincent, a man whose love life takes an unexpected turn. Can he survive the nightmares, and reach to the one he loves?

Marisa Alexander
With a flair of both eccentricity and normalcy. Lives in New England, where the weather is about as chaotic as limbo. Have enjoyed gaming since before schooling and have signed up for many AP and Honor HS classes in order to succeed in life. Is extraordinarily analytical, opinionated, and caring.