Dragon Ball FighterZ Beerus finish

Dragon Ball FighterZ Hit intro

During Bandai Namco’s presentation at Jump Festa, the publisher showed off a new trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ. It’s a nice, long trailer this time, showing off some recently-announced features as well as some new characters.

You can see the trailer below:

The trailer starts by showing off some of the “Dramatic Productions” that were announced in the last V-Jump magazine, which are scenes from the anime re-created in-engine as cinematic starts or finishes to rounds when specific conditions are met. Some of the examples shown in the trailer include Goku going Super Saiyan for the first time when Frieza kills Krillin, Gohan killing Cell with the Father-Son Kamehameha, and Beerus’ defeat of Goku in Earth’s orbit from Battle of Gods, among others.

Also, as the last one I mentioned suggests, the trailer also shows off the three characters revealed in V-Jump: Beerus, Hit and Goku Black. Each one’s segment in the traileris very short, as the character trailers tend to be, but they do show off some of their playstyle and supers. Beerus can seem to place orbs of destruction around the battlefield and make them move toward the opponent, as well as creating a massive Spirit-Bomb-like Sphere of Destruction. Hit uses his time-skip ability to close gaps as well as seemingly having a parry attack. His level 3 super Pure Progress freezes the opponent in place as he uses time-skip to strike their vital points. Finally, Goku Black uses energy swords and scythes in some of his attacks, and calls upon Zamasu and clones of himself for his supers.

The end of the trailer also confirms a music pack that will be available, adding such songs as Cha-La Head-Cha-La and other vocal themes as well as background music from the show into the game.

With Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s final release looming so close on January 26, 2018, this will likely be one of the last batches of characters to be revealed. The roster is already considerable, with 21 characters revealed for the base game plus 2 already confirmed as DLC. We’ll know for sure when we can finally play the game when it releases on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

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