It’s exciting news today if you’re a fan of Jools Watsham and the series that made him well known, Mutant Mudds! I’ve been following Jools’ Twitter and the past week or so there has been a lot of talk about Mutant Mudds Collection, coming to Switch and combining the original Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge and Mudd Blocks, a sort of reskin of Renegade Kid’s Bomb Monkey. The only thing I didn’t know about the collection was the release date, but now it’s been revealed we only have a couple short weeks to wait. Mutant Mudds Collection is coming to the Switch as of December 14th!

Mutant Mudds Collection

That’s great news for fans of classic gaming, especially if you somehow missed either of the Mutant Mudds games originally released by Renegade Kid. Better news is that if you pre-purchase the Collection, you’ll save 33% off the price! The game is going to have the standard price of $14.99, but pre-purchasing means you get it for only $9.99. That’s not bad for 3 games, if I say so myself. Best of all, the release of this cements Atooi owning the Mutant Mudds franchise, which has been a fact for a while, but this makes it feel more concrete.

Mudd Blocks

I’m glad to see Atooi isn’t resting on it’s laurels, and especially happy it’s making the change to the Switch console. I may love my 3DS, but I don’t mind new games almost exclusively coming to the latest and greatest Nintendo console. Here’s hoping we don’t have long to wait for another Mutant Mudds adventure, or perhaps even the elusive Treasurenauts!

Josh Speer
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