Following days worth of leaks, Nintendo and cereal maker Kellogs has officially confirmed a Super Mario Cereal will launch in the United States beginning December 11th. While the cereal itself is a hearty combination of oats and Mario-themed marshmallows, the real story is the box itself, which acts as an amiibo for use in Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch. In-game, it will unlock either coins or extra health.

The leaks behind the fabled cereal treat began a few days ago when the official box art showed up in the amiibo subReddit via user polygontron13. While looking like fanciful fan art, its posting on the official Hannaford website, and listings through Target, evidenced that it was the real deal.

The Super Mario Cereal was further confirmed real by Kellogs UK on Twitter, who said that it would release in the US but not in the UK.

Finally, here is a snapshot of the back of the box, snapped by ziiigg on the amiibo subReddit:

This wouldn’t mark the first time Nintendo has appeared on a cereal box. Prior to this announcement, Nintendo had a marketing deal with Post Cereal to promote a giveaway for the Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Odyssey. Long before that, all the way back in the 1980s, there was the Nintendo Cereal System which contained two cereals in one: one for Super Mario Bros. and one for The Legend of Zelda.

Alex Irish
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