Sol Press, who just had a successful Kickstarter for the Visual Novel Sakura Sakura a little while ago are getting ready to launch a new project. This new project is for a Visual Novel called Newton and the Apple Tree. The story follows protagonist, Syuji Asanaga, and his childhood friend Yotsuko Utakane who are tracking down Syuji’s grandfather that has turned up missing. The duo end up travelling through time by a mysterious chain of events. When they arrived at their destination there stood a girl before them. This small chested girl before them would turn out to be the famed Sir Isaac Newton! Sadly, through Syuji’s witless conduct, the great scientific discoveries of past had all crumbled to ashes. The couple must find a way to correct this and get back to their own time!

Here is a bit of about each of the characters found in this “an extremely funny, but also slightly touching” time travel adventure! Straight from Sol Press:

Alice Bedford (アリス・ベッドフォード) VA: Hana Akino (秋野 花)
Height: 148cm Bust: A Cup Blood Type: B
[Role] Conceited Airhead

An exceptionally bright girl who enrolled in Tenbridge University after skipping a grade.
Because it is prohibited by law for women to write theses, she is using the pen name “Isaac Newton.”
For this very reason, she is recorded in history as a man.
With her exceptional abilities, on top of her high levels of pride and greed, she is almost untouchable within the school grounds.
She has a bad habit of adding notes to the books inside the library without permission, to the point that nearly all of the books there have her notes in them.

“Hey, you’re still a virgin, aren’t you? I can tell, even though I’m younger than you.”

Yotsuko Utakane (一二三 四五) VA: Midori Shirayuki (白雪 碧)
Height: 165cm Bust: E Cup Blood Type: A
[Role] Sharp-tongued Airhead

A girl who loves to measure every single thing around her, and who isn’t satisfied unless she has described it down to the tiniest possible detail.
She is Syuji’s childhood friend, and ever since his grandfather taught her how fun science could be back when she was younger, she hasn’t set a foot outside the science field.
Every morning, she does her daily routine of measuring her own body in millimeters and adding it to her records.
If asked about her figure, she will give the latest update to her body measurements without a single hint of hesitation.
As her name suggests, she’s very good with numbers, but to be quite frank, she’s a fairly clumsy girl.

“Would you please stop referring to such a complex theory as ´cute` or ´cool`?”

Haru Tsukumo (つくも はる) VA: Yui Ogura (小倉 結衣)
Height: 160cm Bust: F Cup Blood Type: O
[Role] Natural Airhead

An exchange student from Japan who is studying astronomy in 17th century England.
While it was a good thing that the generation of Haru’s grandfather moved to Britain, Japan soon after isolated itself from the rest of the world.
Haru, who was born in England, has yet to see Japan and so carries within her a strong yearning to do so one day.
She is the only person who truly understands Alice, and they support each other while spending their days together at Tenbridge University.

“You see, this starry sky is the only thing that connects me and my hometown.”

Lavi Gier (ラビ・ジエール) VA: Tomoe Tamiyasu (民安 ともえ)
Height: 146cm Bust: A Cup Blood Type: AB
[Role] Deranged Airhead

A real problem child who’s constantly lighting fires all around Tenbridge University.
A genius scientist who draws her conclusions based purely on intuition and guesswork, as opposed to Alice who accumulates her theories and then draws conclusions from them.
In an age where both modern science and magical things such as alchemy coexist, if your intuition is saying “Yes,”
you have the freedom to integrate both science and magic without concern.
She was the first to figure out that Syuji isn’t a human from this era, causing her to harbor great curiosity towards him.
What she wants most of all right now is a male test subject who will obediently listen to all of her pleadings.

“You’re getting excited even though I’ve got a flat chest? Why’s that? Show me!”

Emmy Felton (エミー・フェルトン) VA: Iroha Haruno (春乃 いろは)
Height: 149cm Bust: C Cup Blood Type: A
[Role] Potato Airhead

For the sake of her younger brothers, she is working as a maid at Tenbridge University.
If anyone needs to know something regarding the campus, she’s the one to ask, as she works throughout the entirety of Tenbridge University.
She resides in the same dorm as both Alice and Haru, handling all of the household chores such as laundry, cleaning duty, and cooking the meals, while also looking after all of the residents.
She never ever takes off her katyusha while working.
In other words, you’ll only see her without her katyusha on during her free time.
And, especially because she works almost every day, only those she shares a very intimate relationship with may spend time with her whenever she’s free.
That’s exactly why her katyusha is so valuable to her.

“Yay, potatoes! I simply love potatoes!!”

The Kickstarter will be begin on December 1st. The game will retail for around $45 when it lands on Steam and of course Kickstarter backers will get a discount. There will be various physical goods up for grabs during the Kickstarter campaign including body pillows. Just like last time around there will be a free 18+ patch available at launch. We’ll have more details when the campaign goes live and you can check out Sol Press’s official site for more details!


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